Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blissfuly Peaceful

We turned our clocks back last night. Yay! I look forward to the day as yet another marker of my happy season. Today I am having a purposely peaceful day to celebrate. After sleeping in this morning, I had a simple breakfast--peanut butter and jelly sandwich--and brought my coffee back into the bedroom. I arranged my pillows, climbed back into bed, and enjoyed my coffee while finishing the Miss Silver mystery I'd started last night. Then I got my second cup of coffee, kept nice and hot by my insulated stainless steel Joe Mo mug and scrolled through some e-magazines from the library.
I love this service! It makes me happy just to see the creative projects in the magazines. As a bonus, I sometimes find great motifs, stitch combinations, charts, or ideas as I scroll. I have a small notebook handy where I can jot things down. Back issues are available too, so I can go back and look at those. Most of the stitching magazines are new to me, being British--and that is fun too. There are some old favourites though, like Piecework.
I was thrilled to see this on the list when I first set up the e-magazine app. I have always loved this magazine, devoted as it is to various kinds of needlework in historical perspective. There is always something interesting to read and plenty of beautiful stuff to look at. This is the September/October issue and was particularly fun because it is a theme issue--knitting in novels! I had a lot of fun with this one and there was a nice hat pattern (not the one on the cover, though I like that too), that looks like it would be easily adaptable to different sizes and stitch variations. I also have some authors I will be looking up at the library website.

I plan to meander quietly through the rest of this beautiful day. I've just finished a cup of cocoa. I have a knitting project next to me on one side and a pile of books on the other. It is a bank holiday weekend here and this Sunday may be even more quiet than usual. One of the things I love about living in a small rural village is the slow pace of life. It suits me. It is how I want to live. It makes me feel content and at peace--even more so now in the middle of autumn and with the days getting shorter. I am grateful to be able to live this way in this place.

May your day be full of peace and contentment too.

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