Sunday, October 2, 2016

Autumn Inspired Lace and Crisp Night Air

Last year around this time I got a partial ball of orangey thread from a friend, who'd found it at a charity shop. I knew I wanted to make a piece of lace for fall so I flipped through my lace books and found a chart I liked. Even though I tweaked the chart a little, I was pretty sure I'd need to make the piece in two colours in order to be sure I'd have enough to finish. Fortunately, I had some green left from a lace piece I'd made for the same friend, which worked perfectly.

I used it as a placemat last year and somehow managed to cut the thread in a spot on the edge. I was able to repair it so it is not unraveling. This year I draped it over this weird mirror thing we have in the bedrooms here. We have an abundance of mirrors and sinks for some reason. Not much to do about the sink in the bedroom, but at least I can hang stuff from the mirror things.

I also made a smaller piece of lace using ecru crochet cotton in size 30 and a couple of shades of brown sewing thread held together. For this one I did a pretty plain stitch pattern, since anything else would've gotten lost in the thread.
I'd originally thought about sending this to someone, but I was not in love with it enough to do that, so I kept it. I like it well enough, but it isn't my favourite. I made that person something else instead, so now I have another little seasonal bit to put out and mark the transition into my best time of year.

It is a bright, sunny autumn day in Moville. It got quite crisp last night. At about 1:30 this morning I went and sat on the wide windowsill, leaned out and looked at the stars for a few minutes. We have a safety contraption outside each of the windows on that side so it was quite safe. I sat there taking deep breaths of chilled air, looking at the twinkling lights in the sky and the clouds going by and I smiled. I was right there in that moment and in that moment, I was content and felt a great inner peace. Of course, after sleeping for a while and getting up to see the latest ugly news from around the globe, I was feeling some other things, but what I have realized is that I need to make some sort of habit of leaning out and looking at the stars in the middle of the night. I find that I can mentally put myself back in that moment and it soothes me all over again. Maybe we can all use some sort of inner reservoir of peaceful moments like that to help us through the stressful and chaotic world we are living in. This does not just help me feel better, but since I think better when I am not agitated or angry, it is a useful tool to help me calm down. Calming down helps me reclaim my rationality and think more clearly. I am a big fan of rationality and clear thinking.

Hope your day is wonderful!

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