Sunday, August 14, 2016

Treasures on the Beach

Yesterday after the fete, we showed our friend, who is really an adopted member of our wee family, a little bit more of Moville--places he had not been to the last couple of times he was here. One of the places was the beach that is on the outskirts of town and not part of the shore walk. This is the beach where we find more pottery bits and sea glass and fewer shells and stones. It's the opposite along the shore path for whatever reason. We strolled along and Bill and I started picking things up. Soon our eagle-eyed friend was finding some really cool bits!

Those are a couple of my favourites, along with this piece:
It was face down stuck in the sand. I thought it would be plain white, but picked it up to check and was glad I did because it is such a different design.

We wandered around the beach, looking down to see what was near our feet and looking out across the water to take in the view.

Between the three of us we brought home many small treasures.
 The biggest treasure of all, though, was the time we spent yesterday enjoying simple pleasures together.

Hope you are spending today with people who are important to you!

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