Monday, August 29, 2016

Hem to Head

 I was rummaging around in the fabric stash this morning when I came across this.

It is a hem from the leg of a pair of short shorts I got from the euro box at a charity shop in Ballinrobe. There was not much fabric, but I liked it and there were a couple of good buttons too. I used the fabric for other stuff, but apparently had this hem left! I pulled it out and tugged on it a little to see if my recollection of these being part spandex was correct. It stretched a little, but not too much. Then I thought it looked like it would be the right size for a headband so I wrapped it around my head. Perfect! I grabbed my ball of variegated blue thread, a B crochet hook, some sewing thread, and a needle and began.

I sewed the ends together and then ripped that out--I had twisted the hem. I was more careful the second time and got those ends sewn together. Then I crocheted around the hem until it was a headband.

This will be useful, so I am glad I came across the hem--love that sort of thing because the edges are already finished and I did not have to do much prep work.

I am off to make a batch of oatmeal muffins. After supper there will be reading, tatting, and some BBC Radio 4.

Happy Monday!

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