Friday, June 24, 2016

Christmas Gift: Better Late Than Never!

The other night I finished a Christmas gift! That is a gift for Christmas 2015--I am 6 months behind, not 6 months ahead.
It is a scarf to go along with a hat I made for Bill. I finished the hat on time and got the scarf started but not finished--until the other night. I used a J hook with black laceweight wool, holding two strands together, and most of a skein of Noro Silk garden, a blend of wool, silk, and mohair. The colour changes happen in the yarn. I made a chain that was the length I wanted the scarf to be with the black and cut it, leaving the tail hanging--I left all of the starting and ending tails as fringe. Then I did not turn the work, but went back to the beginning of the chain and did a row of hdc stitches with the Noro. Cut the yarn again, back to the beginning, and a row of hdc in ea hdc but working through the very back loop only. I alternated between the black and the Noro like this until I was out of Noro. Then I did one more row of black. Because I was not turning, there was a bias in the work which made a nice angled edge.
I could have corrected for this, but I liked it this way, so I carried on.

This has me thinking about using scraps (love my odd balls and scraps!!) and doing the same thing for a scarf, vest, or shawl for myself. It is a perfect mindless project for times when I need such a thing.

This is the matching hat, which could also be a nice scrap project.

 At least the set is now complete. Better late than never!

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