Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Haiku-ish Spine Poems

I've loved the idea of spine poems ever since I first heard of/saw them, but was always too lazy to go through my shelves and piles of books to make my own. I could have done it when we were packing and unpacking and putting the books away, but I wasn't in the mood at those times. A few weeks ago, Vicki, from I'd Rather Be at the Beach posted her spine poem, which I thought was very cool. Then last night, a friend emailed me a photo of one that she'd found somewhere. At that point, one of my books stuck in my head as a beginning of a spine poem and would not leave, so this afternoon, I pulled a few books and created a few haiku-ish spine poems of my own.

1916 What the people saw/in her kitchen/things in jars

The pure gold baby/learning to talk/ the adventure of English

A thousand years over a hot stove/the woman in the body/in her kitchen
Things in jars is a library book that I cannot return until the glorious day when libraries re-open. I started it and didn't care for it, so didn't red beyond the first couple of chapters. The rest are my books.

I had fun with this and some titles are still tumbling round in my head, so there may be more. 😃

I did notice that I'm a bit short on verbs.

I hope you're well and safe!


Vicki said...

I like them, good job! And thanks for the mention!

Brenda said...

Love this!

JFM said...

Love this idea...I must give it a try soon!!!
Love what you created with your books Shari 📚

Shari Burke said...

Thanks! They're fun to do. :-)

JFM said...

Even though I had already posted for today I decided to try my first Haiku of 5-7-5 syllables.
It was fun!!! 📚☕

Lowcarb team member said...

A fun idea :)

All the best Jan