Friday, March 16, 2018

Needle Tatted Shamrocks

St Patrick's Day is tomorrow, so I decided to make a few shamrocks to hang in the window of the front door. I started with this one, since I had the cone of green fingering weight cotton and the appropriate tatting needle next to me.
Then I went upstairs and got some green yarn scraps and my wooden tatting needles and made a few more.
These are really simple to make.

For the larger shamrock, make three rings of 23 stitches each. Then make a chain of 13 for the stem. In the photo, the top one, the darkest one, and the large one on the bottom are made this way. The other two are smaller. For the smaller shamrock, make three rings of 13 stitches each and a chain of 7 stitches for the stem. Of course, you can make these as large or small as you want by either varying the yarn/thread you use or changing the number of stitches used to make the rings and stem.

I decided to make a brooch using the first wee shamrock, so I got out the needle felting supplies and played around.
The background looks a bit on the reddish side on my screen, but it's the bright orange of the Irish flag, which is green, white, and orange.

Winter is making a comeback and it may well rain on our parade--or sleet or snow. It is supposed to be cold. I hope the folks on the floats dress up warm. Last year we stood in the rain and watched the parade. Last year we walked down to the square and I almost got poked in the eye by someone's umbrella. Then we found out it goes right by our house, so we came home and stood outside. If it's icy out there tomorrow, we could just stand at the window if we want. I feel kind of bad for the vendors--there is supposed to be music and food trucks in and around the square, but I don't think it'll be a good day for that stuff. The pubs will do a roaring business, though.

It's just about time for the pizza crust to be done, so I'm off to roll that out and make the pizza. Happy weekend!

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