Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Election

The day after the election. First off, I send my sympathy to the people of Maine for the way the vote went there. It is unfortunate that those who hate freedom were able to prevail in this case. Someday people will look back in amazement at this time when people were not free to marry who they wish. That doesn't help people today, though. I was hopeful that the vote would go the other way and I am sad that it did not.

It is interesting to see the spin and analysis about the other high profile races. The gubernatorial contests in VA and NJ are getting the most coverage, of course, and everyone is quick to say what it means. I didn't really care as much about those races because I don't live in VA or NJ and they have to live with their decisions. The fact is, the Democratic candidates were both pretty weak and the Republican candidates are not ultraconservative, right wing people. They would not have gotten elected if they were. I was really interested in NY 23. That's not my district, but I was really hoping that the voters there would have enough sense to not vote for some guy who swooped in out of nowhere and was endorsed by the lunatics from Fox News and talk radio, and crazy politicians pandering to the base from other parts of the country. And I was relieved to see that most voters in that district decided to vote for the other guy. So taken together, I think that—with the exception of the Maine vote to do away with marriage equality in their state—it was a good night for sanity. The right wing lost. The one place where they all descended was in upstate NY and that guy lost. In VA and NJ, they were asked to stay away. They would only have hurt the Republicans. And so what does this mean for Republicans going forward? All of those who are in favor of taking away our personal liberties were pretty vocal in support of the losing candidate. Mike Huckabee was the only probable 2012 presidential nominee to stay out of it. That looks like a pretty smart move right about now.

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