Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Fun Cards

I've gotten some fun cards from a couple of friends these last couple of days. I am posting them here so others can enjoy them, too.

This one made us laugh when I opened it this morning:
This one is a card based on artwork by Su Blackwell, which is paper-and book-based (her website is here and full of eye candy!). I love her work and have shared some of her blog posts with a couple of people. One friend got me this card because she knew I loved this artist's work.

Sorry about the glare on the left of the photos--it's quite dark in here today and I had to get the cards under a lamp to get decent pics. This continues to be a very dark grey day full of rain and wind--in short, it's my kind of day! I am making soup and grilled cheese for supper--it's the right kind of food for this kind of day 😋

I hope that you're enjoying this day, too!


Laurie Graves said...

Fun is right. I especially like those flying books. Better move fast to catch 'em.

Vicki said...

I like them, especially the flying books. I'm making soup tonight too, and now I want to make grilled cheese to go with them :)