Monday, December 30, 2019

Bookish Plans for 2020

As we zoom towards a new year, I've been thinking about my book plans for 2020. As always, there will be a bunch of library requests and many books that I have not even heard of yet. But there are some plans I can make now regarding books I want to make it a point to read or listen to, in some cases.

I have acquired several short story collections that are several hundred pages apiece. The biggest one is the book of 100 Best Crime Stories Written by Women as selected by Sophie Hannah. That one weighs in at over 1000 pages. Others are not quite as hefty, but still take up a bunch of space. I think I am going to love or at least really like these books, but the possibility exists that I won't, so I want to make it a point to actually read them and find out. There is no point having these books take up space, of which I have very little, if I don't like them. If I read them and decide I don't want to keep them or if I begin and find I don't wish to continue, I can donate them and free up space.

Another thing I want to do is to get to some classics--Dickens, Trollope, Gaskell, and many others. When a friend gave me an e-reader, I immediately went to Project Gutenberg and downloaded many such books. I've been carrying them around since--they take up no physical space, so are easy enough to carry around. I always told myself that I should prioritise print books, which either need to be returned to the library or have been picked up at the charity shop with no plans to keep once read. I want to fit in some classics this year around the other books. I recently listened to a booktube video about audiobooks and the vlogger was listing audiobook versions that she liked. Many of the audiobooks she talked about were classics and I thought to myself, 'Why have you never checked the library website for e-audiobook versions of some of these books? Duh!' I immediately did a search and found a bunch, so I've reserved a couple of those and will plan to keep requesting them. I can listen to those while I'm stitching.

In addition to those plans, I want to read further into the Mrs Bradley mystery series. There are over 60 of those and I request a few at a time from the library. Also, there have been a couple other series recommended to me that I want to start or continue. I have not read Louise Penney's Inspector Gamache books, but I will request the first one and see whether I like it. Also, the Amanda Peabody series was suggested as one I would enjoy. I did request the first one of that and liked it, so plan to continue on in the new year.

That seems like enough plans to be getting on with for now. I know that I have to leave room for the unexpected. I'm always ready for happy bookish surprises!


Vicki said...

I want to read more classics too so I joined the British Crime Classics challenge this year.

Brenda said...

Your books sound great except for Dickens. Have taught him and find him dry. Okay. Nobody yell. Louise Penny. I discovered her this year and read every book. One of the ladies at the library said she assumed I had read her, but she also thought I wouldn't love the language. I do not like the language in these books-at all...but the books are so intriguing...i was hooked. Immediately...The stories are unbelievable, at times. The books are character driven...and they are a varied bunch...
Enjoy your reading...I know I am in the minority as far as Dickens goes-yes, I do like "Christmas Carol" but the others...not so much.

Shari Burke said...

Is that on Goodreads, Vicki? I am not on there, but considering it. I will probably be without a wifi connection for a couple of weeks soon, so I'll wait until after that to decide. British Crime Classics sounds like a great challenge--love that genre!

I hear you about Dickens, Brenda :-) It has been decades since I read any of his work, except for ACC, which I love. He might be one that I mostly listen to and if I find that unsatisfying, I can skip him and spend my time with other authors. Even with ACC, I tend to listen to it more often than read it. It's funny how sometimes listening is better. I discovered the Agatha Raisin series years ago, read a book and thought it was OK, but I wasn't in love with it. Then I found the audiobooks at the library website, downloaded one, and really enjoyed Penelope Keith's narration. I don't enjoy reading the books, but I enjoy listening to her read them. I've heard good things about Louise Penny, so I'm looking forward to reading the first book in the series.

Brenda said...

Happy new year 2020!!!!!

Brenda said...

I liked all of L P but one!!!