Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Fog Is Lifting

I'm taking a break from the October book list posts for today. The first two posts are here and here and I'll post the final segment tomorrow.

I was enjoying the fog this morning. I'm not an early riser if I can help it, so I have no idea what it was like earlier in the morning, but when I got up at 10ish and looked out the bedroom window, there was just a wall of grey. A couple of hours later, I could just start to see some of the hills in the distance.
Then there were a few wispy bits.
And then, about half an hour from when the first photo was taken, the fog was gone and the water was like a mirror.
The sun came out and fell upon the bright yellow bush just outside our windows.
I never know what I will see when I look out of my windows--things change as the day goes on.

On another autumnal note, I have started another page, which is devoted to my art/craft work. I plan to showcase my work there, offer some pieces for sale, share their stories, maybe review some books, and talk about various creative topics. Today I added a brooch with an autumnal feel to a couple of others. Each is different and has its own vibe. I'll be adding posts regularly, so please check it out if you're so inclined! It's called Deburgo823. Deburgo is an Irish version of Burke. When the census guy came around a few years ago, he asked for our name. Bill told him. We were not understanding him well, so when he kept repeating, 'Liam Deburgo,' we were unsure at first what he was trying to get across. Finally, he said, Liam Deburgo. That's your Irish name.' So we've added that to our list of names--our real names, nicknames, names other people call us, Inupiaq Eskimo names, and now Irish names. My first name doesn't really translate and people often don't know how to say it (this was true in the US, too), so I'm just going with Deburgo! 😉

Here's hoping it's a lovely day in your neck of the woods!


Vicki said...

What beautiful photos!

I'll be checking out your new blog. Interesting story about you name. I don't know how my name translates.

Shari Burke said...

Thanks, Vicki!