Friday, October 18, 2019


We're back home after our few days away. The wifi at the flat was messed up the last day we were in Ballina, so I wasn't able to do anything online, so I'll post the rest of my Ballina pics today and for the next couple of days.

Wednesday was window day--I saw some nice ones while we were out and about and after we got back to the flat, too.

This was down the street from where we stayed. I saw another stained glass door at some point (I think when we were tramping across town to find the flat), which was gorgeous, but it was raining hard and I didn't want to dig out my camera to take a picture. Then I didn't remember where it was. Anyway, this one is beautiful, too!
not a great pic, but you can see the daffodil (or maybe iris?)
I really loved these window panes that I saw in an abandoned building. It's too bad they cannot be reused for something.

When we weren't walking around, I enjoyed looking out the windows in the bedroom and living room of the flat at the tree outside. When we returned on Wednesday, the sun was illuminating it beautifully.

I hope it's a lovely day today in your part of the world.


Aritha said...

We have had the "second glass window" in our door :)

Vicki said...

I love these photos!

It may sound weird but I'm a huge fan of pretty doors and windows! I take a photo of everyone I see that is unusual or has stained glass.

Vicki said...

Meant every one, not everyone :)

Shari Burke said...

Aritha--I particularly love that one! How cool that you have one like it!

Vicki--if it's weird, then I'm weird, too :-) I think doors and windows can be really lovely and I find that sometimes they really stand out (in a good way). I wish I'd been able to get a pic of the other stained glass window in the door--it was spectacular!