Thursday, October 10, 2019

Quiet Moments of Contentment

I live a quiet, simple life. My needs and wants are few and I find that it is little things that bring me joy and contentment on a daily basis. Here are a couple of things I've been particularly enjoying lately.

First, I saw these tea bags in Aldi the other day. There were a couple of different kinds of chai--I saw a ginger variety and this coconut.
I'm not in love with ginger, although I can tolerate it in very small amounts, so I skipped that and brought home a box of coconut. It is soooo good. During the summer, I was drinking a lot of lemon green tea. Then I went back to regular black tea, but now I'm hooked on this. It was in the section of the store where they put the special buys--stuff that is only available until it's gone--so I might not be able to get it again. More reason to enjoy it while I have it, although I will try to buy this or something like it again.

Another thing I've been loving is the Open Ears Project podcast. The last episode for the first season came out yesterday, but all episodes are available at the link. They are well worth listening to! Each podcast is short--I think the longest was about 15 minutes, but most are 10 minutes or less. There is a different person on each episode talking about a piece of classical music they love. They explain why they love it, how it makes them feel, and what it means to them. Then the piece of music is played. I was fascinated by the ways in which people found so much meaning, solace, joy and strength, among other things, in the music and I heard each piece differently than I would have if I'd just heard it on the radio without the context. It sounds like there will be more seasons of this podcast in future and I sure hope that is the case. I will miss it now.

It's chilly, grey, and sometimes rainy today. That makes me happy. I am wearing a sweater--still another little thing that makes me smile. I love wool season.

I hope your day is filled with little things that bring you moments of joy and contentment, too.


Vicki said...

I've never liked tea at all, but a few years ago my son talked me into trying the Passion Papaya Green Tea at Panera Bread and I loved it!

I've never heard of the Open Ears Project podcast. I'll go check it out.

It's 89° here today.

Shari Burke said...

Oh, wow, 89. I would not be functioning well. It's in the 50s here and with the sun out, even that is not great. I'm best at 40ish.

That tea sounds good!