Saturday, March 30, 2019


Over a year ago, when we were still in Moville, I started doing a random abstract cross-stitch piece, using a scrap piece of aida cloth (14 count) and scraps of various kinds of thread. Whenever I needle tat or crochet or cross-stitch, I have bits of thread left over at the end. In the case of embroidery floss, I might have enough to put back and save for another project. In the case of crocheting, these are left after I weave in my ends well. I tend to leave long tails so I can weave in securely. When I am needle tatting, I always pull off more carrying thread than I think I'll need, because I'd rather not have to add more in the middle of a row or round if I can help it. Not wanting to waste any of this, I started keeping it in my cross-stitch pouch--embroidery floss, crochet cotton in different thicknesses, perle cotton were all saved and used. Every once in a while, I'd thread a needle with one and just make random stitches until the thread ran out. Then I'd thread another length of thread onto the needle and repeat. I had no set plans and just did what I felt like doing in the moment. When I got to a point that I felt was near the end, I did start filling in spaces and balancing colour. To finish the cross-stitch part, I did a frame of purple cross stitches around.

Then I had to decide what I wanted to do with it from there. I tried doing a collage background with watercolours and some papers, but wasn't happy with it. I considered various options, but in the end, went with needle felting and a kumihimo braid as a hanger. I used scrap ends of roving for the needle felting and scrap lengths of Homespun yarn to make the kumihimo braid. Everything started as scraps from something else. To finish, I slid a washer found on the sidewalk onto the top loop, crossed the ends over and sewed a button on the bottom and called it done--finally!
I had fun with this process. I'm ready to start the next scrapstraction piece!

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