Monday, March 11, 2019

Needles and Pins

I spent some time with various needles today and ended up with this pin:
I'm quite happy with it!

This brooch, which measures a smidge over 3 inches, involved a few different techniques. The Irish rose was crocheted using cotton thread and measures 1 1/4 inches. This was sewn onto a needle felted base that I randomly stitched on using 2 different, but compatible, colourways of variegated embroidery floss held together in the needle. I added the metal bead embellishments, which came from a couple of necklaces I purchased at the Animals in Need charity shop and deconstructed. Finally, I sewed a jewelry pin securely on the back.

I had fun with this one and as always, ideas were pinging around in my head as I was working on it. I might sit down with the felting needles again this evening to make another piece of felt to stitch on. Before I can do that, I'll be making some blueberry orange muffins and some supper, which I think will be mac and cheese with veggies, wholemeal fusilli and some canned wild salmon. While I'm chopping, I'm going to put mixed bean and veggie soup ingredients in the slow cooker crock, pour some boiling water over everything, cover, and let it sit until later, when we'll turn it on and let it cook overnight. Tomorrow morning, I'll add some dried mixed herbs and some vegan bouillon powder and that'll be a couple of suppers done and dusted. That will leave me more time to play with my needles and pins and thread and roving! Yay!


Aritha said...

O what nice!!!

NanaDiana said...

That is just lovely, Shari. What a sweet piece! Have a great week- Hugs- Diana

Brenda said...