Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a regular Thursday in November here, and we started the day with a bit of drama. Bill placed a food order the other night at Evergreen, the shop in Galway that we tried for the first time last month. I wanted to get a few things that we'd tried and liked so we'd have them around and to replenish my supply of a couple of the things I was getting low on. They dispatched the order yesterday and today was the expected delivery date. Last time, the courier didn't arrive until just past 5. This morning, Bill was greeted with an email saying the box had been delivered at 9:30 a.m. and signed for by someone named Dorothy at a place called SMG Company. Who is Dorothy, what kind of company is SMG and where are they located? We have no idea.

Bill contacted Evergreen and got a quick reply asking him to confirm that we did not know this Dorothy person. Bill confirmed this. The customer service person was quite upset, commenting that this is a service they pay for and this situation is unacceptable. She assured him that she would take care of the matter as quickly as possible. Shortly thereafter, Bill got a call from someone who wanted to know if he was Bill and if he was expecting a parcel. Who was this person and where did he come from? Again, we have no idea, but he showed up, Bill went outside to meet him and the box was handed over. So there's that sorted.

I've been thinking today about all I am grateful for and am reminded again that the list is long and I am a lucky woman. I am spending the 39th Thanksgiving with my favourite person on earth. I live simply in a beautiful place where all of my physical needs are met and all my material wants are satisfied.  I have wonderful friends and acquaintances who enrich my life. Such abundance!

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope it's wonderful. If it's a regular Thursday, I also hope it's wonderful! Whether it's Thanksgiving or Thursday, I wish you a lifetime of things that give rise to gratitude.

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Lynne said...

I love this . . .
“ I wish you a lifetime of things that give rise to gratitude. “
(My crochet is improving . . .)