Monday, July 16, 2018

Simple Summer Supper

I put the ingredients for raisin bread in the bread maker early this afternoon and it was done just a while before suppertime. I mixed some homemade ricotta with some thawed frozen raspberries and blueberries and spread that on some bread. We had a bowl of watermelon chunks on the side. It was so tasty and very refreshing.
On our walk today, we came across this beautiful hydrangea bush, although the flowers looked darker in person--a gorgeous deep purple.
A couple of years ago when we were in Clifden, we saw deep burgundy hydrangeas. It was the only time I have ever seen that colour. I was bummed because even though I took about a gazillion pictures of those flowers, none captured the deep richness of the colour. It's the same with the picture above. They really are breathtaking in person!

Today, I hope you come across something so beautiful that it takes your breath away, too. Happy Monday!

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