Saturday, July 21, 2018

Friday Night Pizza

A while back, we designated Friday as pizza night, so every Friday I know that I will be making pizza for supper. I always make a wholemeal crust in the bread machine, using strong wholemeal flour and oats, but the toppings are rarely exactly the same. I sometimes use pesto, either red or green. Sometimes I use fresh tomatoes. Last night, I used plain tomato puree with basil, oregano, and garlic. On top of this base, and before I added the cheese (so they don't burn), I put a bit of spicy pepperoni and some chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Then came some mozzarella and some cheddar. On top of that went chopped green bell pepper, sliced onion, broccoli, and jalapenos. We sprinkled on the Parmesan after it was cooked. It was a really great pizza, even if I do say so myself! And we had leftovers for lunch today. Yay!
This afternoon, I made some wholemeal jalapeno cheese bread in the bread maker. I had a partial block of cheddar that is crumbly anyway and had been frozen, which made it even more crumbly. Perfect for the bread. Speaking of which, it's cooled enough now for me to hack off the end, spread on some butter, and enjoy it while it's still warm.

May you enjoy some simple pleasures during this day, too.


NanaDiana said...

That sounds really good, Shari. Nothing like homemade pizza. Commercially made pizza doesn't hold a candle to it. Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

Brenda said...

My favorite food-pizza-buying out or making yummy homemade!!!