Monday, March 12, 2018

The End of the Cones

The other day, I finished a crochet project I'd been working on using what was left on two different cones of yarn. One was a green chenille and one was a thin brown boucle with a few different colours of slubs sprinkled throughout. I completely finished the chenille and have only a small ball of the brown boucle in the scrap box.
I started with the chenille at the bottom with 3 stitches and increased at each end every row until I was finished with the chenille that was left on the cone. I used the sc, ch1, sc stitch pattern in which you sc into the ch1 spaces and ch 1 over the sc on subsequent rows--this makes a fabric that is lightweight and quite drapey. I used a G hook throughout. (hook size and stitch names in US terminology).

That gave me a triangle. I attached the brown boucle and did a few post stitch rows back and forth across the top, alternating back and front post stitches. Then I folded the piece in half across the top, right sides facing, and joined, leaving a space for the neck hole.
Then there was just a border to do, which I did by doing a round of triple crochets followed by three rounds of single crochet and then triples again. I ended with a round of triples and then one of half doubles.
A friend found the chenille at a thrift store in Boston and brought it back for me. When I began the first poncho, which was a large granny square with a neck hole, the cone looked like this:
Afterwards, it looked like this:
There was still plenty there, so I made a small cowl, which didn't really make a dent in what what was left, so I knew I had enough for another large project.

The brown boucle was yarn I found at a local pop-up charity shop last summer.
I'd used some of it, held together with a strand of fingering weight dark brown wool, to make a tall cowl, so I used most of what was left. At the moment, the mauve with turquoise slubs is on the knitting needles being made into a shawl.

I've been wearing the new poncho for the past few days--I love it. It's lightweight and comfortable. I so enjoy the process of making things out of leftovers and scraps. It's funny to remember now, almost 4 years on, that when we moved to Ireland I had one sweater and a couple of shawls. I'd left the rest of my winter clothing behind because we did not have space or weight in our suitcases. I've made up for it since and have quite an assortment of winter gear. The hooks and needles have served me well! 😀


Angela said...

It looks great. You did a fantastic job!

Shari Burke said...

Thank you! It was a fun project.