Thursday, March 22, 2018


The other day, Bill got an email from The Wool Shop, an online shop that is closing down so the owners can embark on new life adventures. In this email, they said that all felting supplies were 60% off. Bill, who surprises me with goodies to feed my addiction indulge my passion for textile manipulation when opportunity knocks, clicked over to the site and placed an order. After a phone call to find out where we are, the courier dropped it off this morning.
I admit that Bill was less enthusiastic about squeezing and fondling each ball of roving than I was, but he was happy enough to watch. You know what they say--happy wife, happy life! 😊

The two in the front are felting mohair--they're particularly soft. I've not needle felted with mohair yet, so I'll be curious to see how it behaves.

As it happens, I have a felt book from the library that I have not looked at yet. I also have a book that Bill got me a while back.
It really is inspirational. The techniques are illustrated with pieces inspired by the sky. The book is full of gorgeous photos of skies and felt pieces, made using both wet and dry felting techniques.

My mind is crammed with felty thoughts--will have to pick one idea and start stabbing soon!

Hope you have some fun surprises today, too!

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