Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Winter Holidays!

This morning I took down all my little autumn celebration bits and put up the winter celebration bits.  Some of them were newly created.

I used some of the white yarn I had left from my blanket wrap to make something for the window in the front door.

The yarn is DK weight and I used a 5.5 mm (size I in the US) hook. I picked a chart from my Pineapple Lace book and did the centre part and then did a few more rounds until it was big enough. The little things hanging from it are all either reversible or double-sided, so the design shows on either side of the window.

The other night I made a jar cosy using some scrap yarn--a variegated red/white/green with metallic thread and a white with a shiny thread held together.
I was winging this one and hoping it would be the right size. I made it sitting upstairs in bed and listening to Christmas music, but I'd forgotten to bring the jar up with me and I was too comfortable (and lazy) to go downstairs to get it. I brought it down the next day with the yarn still attached to the scrap balls in case I would need to adjust, but it fit perfectly! I wanted it for this arrangement of twigs that I received as a gift a couple of years ago from some friends--one had 4 legs and fur and the other was his servant/companion/best friend. I love the way the twiggy stuff is a Christmas theme here.
The variegated yarn in the jar cosy was left from a skein that Bill got me last year. I made a hat with some of it.
This afternoon I decided to use some of my white to add a small brim. I like it even better now!
I did a round of hdc (half treble in UK terms), then did another round of same in the front loops to 'encourage' the brim to fold upwards. Then I did one more round through both loops.

I have a small cross stitch piece to finish off tonight and then I'll have some fun deciding what to start next.

Enjoy the day!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see a closeup of this beautiful hanging for your window.