Saturday, April 8, 2017

Now the Quiet

This seemed like a busy week, especially the last few days. We went to Buncrana on Thursday. Yesterday morning, I helped someone finish her first crocheted hat at the library--she was so pleased and that made me happy. Last night we went to a party at our next door neighbour's house. A bunch of musicians came over and played for hours. It was a fun evening. I went to bed at 2:30ish, but could not fall asleep until after 4 and then I kept waking up. At 9 I figured I'd better get up and have something to eat and some coffee before we left for the community garden get-together at 11. We met some regulars we'd not yet met, planted a few cauliflower seeds, watered the plants, and chatted over tea and scones. It was very pleasant, if a bit warm.

One woman spotted this rock in one of the flower tubs and she gave it to me.
People are at various stages in their garden plots. Plants are going into some and compost being put on others in preparation for planting. One guy has an entire plot planted with spuds. As you would expect, that is a popular crop here. Onions, leeks, and cabbage are also in many beds. I was pleased to see that the lettuce and coriander (cilantro) seeds I sowed in one of our hoop house beds have sprouted. The fennel that used to live outside the window in the apartment has been transplanted there as well and seems to like it well enough--lots of new bright green growth.

The blueberry bush in the berry patch has little flowers and a pretty companion.
We went out briefly again after lunch and I picked up some seeds for beans and French breakfast radishes. Then it was home for the rest of today and all of tomorrow.

I'd been looking forward to that moment when I knew I was home and did not have to watch the clock and make sure I was wherever I needed to be. There is nowhere I need to be except right where I am. 😀 I have plenty of coffee and tea, a novel that I have only just started, a tatting book I requested from the library, an audiobook in progress, a collection of podcasts downloaded, a few artist talks bookmarked on you tube, and a new stitching project or two to decide upon and start. Those things will keep me happily occupied for the next day and a half.

I am settling into the peace and quiet. Hope there is some of both for you this weekend too.

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