Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Daikon Scrap Flower

A couple of months ago, I picked up a daikon radish from veg man.  I cut the end off when I used it, of course. Those of you who know me, know how I cannot resist trying to grow ends of stuff. I have pots of scallions, a pot of celery, a couple of rosemary plants, and sometimes pots of garlic chives that I have grown by sticking the ends in dirt. I liked the leaves of the daikon, so stuck the end in water with a another celery end and waited to see what would happen. When we were moving, I stuck both the celery and the daikon in empty containers of dirt I brought in from the window ledge. When we got here, I stuck the pots in the window with the rosemary and the established celery. The daikon took off and today a few of the buds opened to reveal a lovely, pale pinkish wee flower!
This is what the plant looked like 3 1/2 weeks ago.
As for the new celery, that went into one of our hoop house plots the other day. Yesterday we gave it some company in the form of parsley and tomato plants.
The celery is in the bottom left corner. I still have the other celery on the windowsill at home. It was too early for basil plants at the garden centre, I guess, but we plan to stick some of that in there too. I got a plant there last year, so I assume it will show up.

I also discovered that my fennel quite enjoyed being in a bin bag outside for a few weeks! It wintered over on the window ledge at the apartment and when we were moving I just stuck all of that stuff in a couple of bin bags. At the time, the fennel had a couple of small green feathery fronds. The other day, I finally got out there and took everything out of the bags and lo and behold, the fennel is bright green and growing. I will stick that in the other hoop house bed we have, I think. I've planted lettuce seeds, coriander (cilantro) seeds, and a tomato plant in there already.

In our back patio area, I have pots of scallions, parsley, a pansy that would not fit in the window box for outside our front window, chocolate mint, and I planted lettuce and wild rocket (arugula) seeds. I planted lobelia seeds around the pansies in the window box.

Oh yeah--yesterday when we were at the garden planting tomato plants I met a woman who has the plot next to ours. She introduced herself and offered me a lettuce. Someone had experimented with growing lettuce in the hoop house over the winter. The experiment was wildly successful--there is a lot of lettuce! It was delicious!

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