Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Companion Lace

Last night/early this morning, I sat in bed listening to an e-audiobook borrowed from the library as I crocheted the last few rounds of this bit of lace.
 The audiobook and the lace were finished at almost the same time. The audiobook is one in the Thrush Green series by Miss Read. A couple of friends recommended her to me as comfort/pleasant reading a couple of years ago, so I requested the 3-in-1 volume the Mayo library system had and discovered they were right. I have always enjoyed 'life in a small village' stories and novels and that is what these are. When we moved to Donegal, I looked her up again, but did not find anything. I did find a 3-in-1 volume of a different series she wrote in a charity shop, so I snapped that up. Last week, when I was scrolling through the list of newly added titles in the e-audiobook section of the website, I came across a couple of the Thrush Green books and checked them out. The other night I came across a couple more, which I have reserved. I quite enjoyed listening to the first one--the reader is quite good. I returned a different audiobook a few weeks ago because the reader was so bad. It was annoying to listen to!

The lace seemed like a perfect project to work on as I sat listening to the goings on in the wee Cotswolds village, including an account of a hand knitted bed jacket given as a Christmas gift. This piece of lace is a companion piece to the Donegal doily I made earlier in the month.
One of our friends (hi, Karen!!) is coming for an extended stay in Ireland and these are for her room. The curtains are mostly blues, but there are some yellow and green bits too, so these will work quite nicely, I think.

Tonight I start on another Thrush Green audiobook and I have an idea for a sort of 'patchwork' lace project, so I might just go ahead and start that at the same time while I am in the lace making mood!

Hope you are having a pleasant day!


DJL said...

Dear Shari,
I love the Miss Read books. Fortunately my library has most of them. I re-read them from time to time for comfort. Your lace is beautiful! So intricate and the yellow is very pretty.

Shari Burke said...

I hadn't heard of Miss Read until my friends mentioned her--and I was so glad to be introduced to her! In or wee free library one day, I found these old books by someone I had not heard of--Sheila Kaye-Smith. They sat there for ages and I finally decided to bring them home and look her up. She also writes books about village life and sounds like she might be similar to Miss Read. I have not yet read them, so cannot say for sure though!