Friday, September 9, 2016


Still windy here.Donegal is under a yellow warning for wind until 9 tonight. It is really blowing stuff around out there!
Since we have lived in 3 different places in the 2 1/2 years we have been here, we never quite know what to expect in the weather department. There is quite a lot of variation, even though the island is pretty small. Ballinrobe was the farthest south of any of our Irish homes, and inland a bit. It is about midway down the west coast of the island. We sometimes had wind, but not as much as here. Killybegs was right on a western harbour, so had a different sort of weather. Plenty of wind there, but mild temperatures--whether or not that was because it was a mild winter or because that is just how it is there, I do not know. The Old Coast Guard Station was oriented in a way that the wind blew by our windows, with the tower house on the end taking the brunt of it. We often would not know what was going on outside unless we opened the door or looked out a window. I missed hearing the rain and hail splattering against the windows.

We are not that far away from Killybegs here, but now we are at the north tip of the island and things are different. When we first got here the wind was blowing mostly into our bedroom. At some point, things shifted and now it seems to mostly blow into the windows on the other side. Today I have shut one of them because they are strange windows on that side of the building--large, double-paned, and heavy. They swing in like a door and from the top--they sometimes seem pretty unstable, although we discovered that there is a hinged metal arm at the top, so they are not as unstable as they first seemed! It now feels stuffy in here, so once things calm down a bit I will open it back up. Except for the window in the bedroom I use as a study/studio, they seal well and seem like they will be good at keeping the cold air out in winter. The one window that is faulty has been stuffed with stuff until the curtain stopped moving in a breeze! We will be keeping doors shut anyway once the heat goes on. I do love the way they set things up here like that--doors everywhere so you can keep heat in or out as needed!

I have no idea what to expect here this winter. Several months ago I was clicking around to see what sort of stuff I could find about Moville online and I came across a newspaper article from last December. It was a report about the fact that the town Christmas tree had been snapped in half by the wind and a replacement would have to be set up! Hopefully no such problems will occur this winter!

Hope you are enjoying the weather in your neck of the woods! Happy Friday!

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