Friday, September 16, 2016

Wandering Around on a Friday Afternoon

We went out after lunch, planning to stop at the charity shop (we try to go in every week on the off chance we spot a suitable chair or lamp, both of which we could use), then go to the library to return and pick up books before taking a short stroll by the water and calling in at the grocery store for some milk on the way home. We did all of those things, but with a trip back home to unload in the middle.

We spent the princely sum of 3 euro at the charity shop. There was no chair or lamp, but I found a pair of polka dotted pants on the euro rack; we picked up 5 books; I found a strainer; Bill added a perpetual calendar to the pile; and we asked for the lighthouse candle holder we saw in the window.

We both really loved the candle holder--not the first one we've gotten there, either. The blue candle and holder in the background was also purchased there a couple of months ago for a few cents--we got two of the blue candles. In front of that you can see the black thing with the piece of paper sticking out of it. That is actually a candle holder that we got at a different charity shop in town. It holds a tea light and is made of roof slates. We both like having candles during the wonderfully long winter nights. We had to leave a lot of our candle holders behind in Maine as we were packing to move here, but we saved one. Then the owner of the B&B we stayed at when we arrived here gave me a Galway crystal candle holder as a gift the day we left. We got one at the charity shop in Killybegs and a friend there gave us a cool tin one from Morocco. We have a nice little bunch of them now--will be lovely when we have enough hours of darkness to enjoy them.

That stuff took up most of the space in my backpack so after we went to the library and I picked up several more books there we decided to come home and drop stuff off before heading back out and wandering over to the pier.

This big cargo ship has been hanging around all week.
And there was The Fid, standing at the end of the Old Pier, as always.
 You can read more about this work of public art here.

A quick stop at Gillens for our milk completed our errands for the day. We had leftovers for supper and I am looking forward to getting back into the book I started this morning and the scarf or cowl that is on my needles--not sure which it will be yet. Reading, knitting, and coffee--yup, that's my idea of a fabulous Friday night. Actually, that would be my idea of fabulous any day or night!

Hope your Friday is fabulous too!

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