Sunday, September 4, 2016

Circle of Pineapples

I have had this shawl project on my hook for months. I had to set it aside when it got too warm to have on my lap, but I have been able to work on it these past couple of days and last night, I finished it. Yay!

When I picked it back up again I thought I'd have more work to do on it than I did. I was at the point where each round was taking a little over two hours and I'd been expecting to do another 10 rounds or so. When I checked the size I was happily surprised to discover that I only needed another few rounds, so over the last three nights, I did them.

I started with a chart from my Pineapple Lace book and made changes along the way as I wanted. The yarn is fingering weight wool that I found on a cone at the charity shop in Killybegs. It was in a bag with three other cones (this navy blue, a black, and two dark browns). The woman charged me a euro per cone. I have used most of the black and most of this navy blue, but still have some of each left. I have yet to start on the two brown cones. I used a G hook. I will wear it folded in half and secure it with a brooch if I feel like it :-).

I wanted to finish this large project before I started on another one. Later today I will be doing some swatching with chenille to see if my idea is suited to that yarn. If it is I will start on the next big project. If it isn't, I will think again and come up with something else.

Hope you are having a peaceful, pleasant, creative day.

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