Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Not People Doodles?

Decided to play around with the felting needles and roving today. I stabbed away, experimenting with a few ideas. Most of them ended up in a wee baggie--one of the great things about needle felting is that even these bits can be saved for future use. As I was stabbing the wool I had some more ideas, but after a couple of hours, when I stabbed my finger for the third time I decided it was probably time to put those needles away for today.

I did end up with two small finished people doodles. One will be made into a birthday card.

The other one is mine. I am definitely someone who questions pretty much everything. I recently heard an Irish feminist activist on a podcast talking about her 'why gene' and I loved that because I have one too. If I use the ideas of Thich Nhat Hanh about looking deeply, I can see that along with why comes why not. These are pretty much my foundational life questions. I never look at the surface of an issue and stop there. I want to know why things are done in a certain way and why shouldn't we attempt a better way, if there is one. Why and why not. And sometimes, WTF?

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