Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Can't Control Myself

Is it possible to have a book problem? In spite of the fact that we have recently huffed and puffed in the process of getting piles of books from Killybegs to Moville, I find myself gathering more, more, more!
Those are my current checked out library books. I have reached my limit of 5 e-books on the nook. The Goldfinch jumped into my hands one day at the library. I was just wandering around while Bill was using the computer and suddenly, there I was, holding this doorstopper of a book. I brought it home with me. Last Friday some of my requests came in and I dashed down to pick them up. Oh the utter joy of having a library just around the corner--I can walk there in about 2 minutes. I had given up on ever getting my hands on The Art and Architecture of Ireland, but this library system has all 5 volumes so I am requesting them one at a time.

 Last night I listened to the first installment of one novel on BBC Radio 4's Book at Bedtime and then switched over to RTÉ 1 for part 1 of the the Book on One. I have a couple of library books either still in Donegal Town or somewhere between there and here. I requested them and forgot to change my pick-up location from the default Donegal Town to Moville. Gerry, our local librarian, called Rory, the librarian there, and told him to just send them up when they arrived, so they should be here soon. There is another book in transit and a couple that will likely be soon.

We also have a Wee Free Library along the shore walk.
Yes, I have taken a book from there. No, I have not put any in there--yet. But I am happy to let Bill donate for both of us. He has also chosen a book from the Wee Free Library, but has added 3 others. Good job, Bill! My intentions are good,though, and I do plan to add many books whenever I get around to reading them.

I wonder if I should mention that there are three charity shops in this town and we now have more books than we did when we arrived.

It is kind of a cliché in stories about addiction and denial that before people realize they have a problem they will say things like, "I can stop any time I want." I won't even bother to go there. If there is such a thing as a book problem, I will happily own up to the fact that I am in it deep. Always have been. Someone once told me that I probably walked out of the womb while reading a book. I am sure that is not true. I would not have had a library card yet.

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Laurie Graves said...

What a wonderful post! Where would we be without books? Love the wee-free library.