Monday, May 9, 2016


We spent the afternoon in Buncrana today. This is the largest town on the Inishowen Peninsula. We are on the eastern edge and Buncrana is on the western edge. I think the population is about 6000 people but we have clearly gotten used to life in small towns/villages because it seems huge. Lots of traffic, people everywhere, and an almost chaotic vibe.

It was a yucky, sunny, hot day--maybe 70--and I am paying for my jaunt now with a headache and queasy stomach. I do not do well on days like today! Still, summer has arrived and the planters were full of flowers.
Once you get outside of town and to the coastline, it is quite pleasant and they have a lovely walking path. I like the one here in Moville better, but this was nice too.

At the other end of town we came across this old mill, where apparently only rage parking is permitted :-)

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