Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Last Round Trip

We got back today from the last round trip between Ballinrobe and Killybegs--next week we will head north on a one-way journey.

This was our 4th week in a row of going back and forth and every time we've been up there the sun has been shining brightly and it has been quite summerlike and warm--until this week! It rained a lot of the time--mist, drizzle, lashing down--lots of different types of rain. The wind blew. I was watching the wind blow the rain across the harbour in billowing ribbons. Yesterday morning the sun came out for a while and I watched the birds flying around in the front garden while the raindrops sparkled like multi-coloured fairy lights. I seem to spend some time at the window every morning when we are there looking at the water and the birds (they love that front garden) and the plants, and the hills. I suppose the novelty will eventually wear off, but I must remind myself to try and keep my conscious appreciation alive.

We did venture out a couple of times--one stop was the charity shop where I snagged the last wool blanket. I hoped it would still be there. It was only 3 euro (the ones I bought last week were 4), but it's a little smaller. That's OK. I can still use it and who knows what I might do with it! They do seem to cry out for embellishment! We also bought some books--knowing I did not have to pack them into a suitcase and drag them around this island allowed us to browse with abandon :-)

Needless to say it was not gardening weather so the intrepid landscape artists did not do much during this time. I am sure the stuff they have already planted enjoyed the soaking they got. Pots and baskets are in place ready to bloom.
This is the view from our door when we step out back and want to head left toward the driveway:
The stone shed with the grey door is ours--we have yet to go check that out and see what is in there, if anything besides our oil (kerosene) tank.

This is the view to the right:
 There are a couple of tulips just behind the stone wall across from our door--such vivid colours!
Inside we have started to put up some of our own stuff. We can't put any new holes in the walls, but we can remove things that are already hanging and use those nails. This place has a lot of stuff already hanging and some of it we both like a lot and will leave where it is. A few things we don't care for and have taken them down. We have a bunch of little stuff that does not require nails, but we don't want to use tacks on the walls, either, so I decided to utilize some space that would otherwise have remained blank to display some stuff with no holes required!
That's the view from "my" chair in the sitting room.

We are both looking forward to getting up there and knowing that we do not have to turn around and come back in a couple of days and we will be spending the next few days tidying up odds and ends. It's a bank holiday weekend here so we will do some errands tomorrow and save the stuff we need to do at home for the weekend. For tonight though, we are just going to hang around, relax, and be happy that we do not have to get up early in the morning to catch a bus!!

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