Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Week and a Half (But Who's Counting?)

In a week and a half we will haul our suitcases down the stairs and walk to the square one more time to catch the bus to Galway. From there we will catch a bus to Donegal Town where we will get a bus to Killybegs. Then we will roll our suitcases one more time down the sidewalks before dragging them up the hill and into our cottage.

Before we get to that point, we need to do the whole thing this week and do it again in reverse as we return for that last load. There may be a bus strike Friday and next weekend is a bank holiday weekend, so we plan to be in Ballinrobe on those days. Including today we have 7 days left to spend here. I have already done a bunch of cleaning and we are getting some stuff taken care of now, so I am not sure there will be that much to do, but I will have my afghan in progress here to work on, my mp3 player full of music and podcasts to listen to, and my old nook is filled with plenty of reading material.

I finished the last paper book I had with me and put it in the box with the others that will be passed along to our neighbor, who will keep what she wants and pass on the rest. It will be all e-books for me for the next couple of weeks!
The load for this week is packed.
My slow cooker is in the red suitcase. When I bought it I saved the box and the styrofoam that was in it, so I put everything back the way it was and filled in empty spaces around the outside and inside the crock with thread, kitchen towels and other cushy things. Don't want to waste any space!

I will also have a tote bag that will come with me inside the bus. That will have my lunch, my nook, and some other stuff, including one of my ongoing projects, which I will be able to work on during the trip if I feel like it.
The way back will be much easier! I will leave my purple backpack up there and we will bring the suitcases back with us. We discovered last week that we can put the green one inside the red one--it just fits--and only have one to drag around.

I had been planning to buy an iron when we moved. I don't need it for clothes--I do not buy (or keep, in the case of hand-me-downs) clothes that require fussy care like ironing. But sometimes I could use one to iron a piece of fabric or some aida cloth, so I planned to buy a simple cheapo iron for that purpose--hopefully at the charity shop!  I discovered last week that there is no need! Yay!
This was sitting in the back of a cupboard in the kitchen. It must be an older model--the cord is fabric instead of plastic. There are no bells and whistles or even steam! Just a simple dial that allows you to adjust the heat based on the fabric type. I plugged it in and it does get hot, so there's that sorted. I have a cross stitch kit that I want to start soon--after hauling it around for 17 years--and before I get started I will need to iron the cloth.

I am curious to see what the ivy around our windows will look like this week.
 Last week I noticed that the leaves had gotten noticeably bigger since we'd been there the week before. Stuff is growing fast!

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