Friday, February 14, 2020

Getting Settled, But Bad News on the Wifi Front

After a few weeks of being told that someone would be calling us about coming to connect us to broadband at our new apartment, today the story changed.We're having trouble with Vodafone-- Bill called again this morning and after being on hold and transferred around, was given a different story this time--that we cannot even get broadband in the apartment. When he pointed out that the previous tenant had left a Vodafone modem and that we are located right next to a Vodafone store, the guy simply repeated that we cannot have it there because the signal is too low. So we went to the store and the young woman there said that was nonsense, so she is going to look into whatever the issue is and get back to us. She did bring up the address and said a weird error message came up, but that there was no reason we should not be able to have service there. There did seem to be some confusion about whether we were transferring our account from the old place. Apparently, this is not possible because the contract was up, so she said we would have to start a new contract. I said that was fine, but the dude on the phone said that we could not have service at all. She frowned and shook her head. We will have to wait to see who is correct. In the meantime, we come to the library a few times a week to do what needs to be done online. Should we not be able to get broadband at home, this will be problematic at certain times, but we'll just see what happens and take it from there.


Vicki said...

Wow Shari, I'm so sorry!That must be SO frustrating! I think an employee(s) re-training is in order. Hope it gets worked out soon, I miss seeing you and Bill post!

Joy said...

Wow the store is next door and doubtless they show all their 'benefits' right there in the store using the very same service that was already there a few weeks ago with the prior renter. That is absolutely bonkers!!

I may not be a service technician but I couldn't look you straight in the face and say something that inane with a straight face and believe it, much less 'sell it'. Mostly it's just abject laziness... how can any self-respecting 'worker' give you stupid answers like that either. I'm glad the store person at least 'gets it'.

Do you happen to know the name of the prior tenant? It would be interesting to constantly refer to them as having a working service for x months or years... The only thing I can think of is that they might have commandeered your trunk extension for the store to use and didn't write it down anywhere? All they have to do is track the former tenants wiring and figure out what it's going to. If they needed to upgrade the store that should't cost you a chance at WIFI.... If that was it they should bring in a new trunk JUST FOR the store. Hmm if nothing else maybe they could just give you the password and charge some nominal fee? LOL. I say they owe you that at least.

I'll be looking forward to hearing how you have things all sorted out - the things you like about how this place is laid out and how it works for your various projects and things... About your latest discoveries in the town...

Glad to hear 'something' but sorry you're dealing with such foolishness! (Who knows maybe it'll wind up being cheaper somehow for all the inconvenience?)

Best, Joy

Brenda said...

Good luck with wifi