Sunday, September 15, 2019

Randomly on a Sunday

I've not posted in a while, simply because there hasn't seemed like anything much to post about. I'm quietly and contentedly going about my days, enjoying the anticipation of autumn, stitching, reading, and listening to podcasts.  Today I'm drinking tea and reading a fun cosy mystery that takes place on a Christmas tree farm in a fictional Maine town. It's full of rescue animals and I keep bursting out laughing at the descriptions of the cat. Brings back memories.

Our third bout of summer is due to arrive this week and although there was the threat of this possibly lasting for weeks, now the forecast is for more autumnal weather to return after the week is up. This can easily change, of course, but for now I hold out hope. This is what I've come to expect. Every year we've been in Ireland, it gets hot and sunny in April and we have the first summer of the year. Then, if we're lucky, it goes away for a while as it did this year, when it didn't return until June for summer number two. Then we get a hint of autumn until summer three arrives in September, sometimes lasting into October. At some point after that, we get to close the windows and enjoy the true autumn. It's also the case that it tends to be slightly cooler here, because of our position on the island--I greatly appreciate those few degrees!

In any case, there are more hours of darkness now, so it cools off nicely at night, especially if the sky is clear.
Most of the hydrangeas have faded, but some are still in beautiful bloom. I saw these yesterday as we were on our way to call on veg man. I do love them so. The wide range of colours here is breathtaking, from white to pale pinks, blues, and purples, to vibrant pinks and purples, to deep red.
In spite of the warm weather to come, it was clear that the container veggie garden was ready to be put to bed, so I picked and pulled the last of the cukes, rainbow beetroot, and chard and pulled up all of the plants and vines.
I put the chard in the freezer and cooked the beetroot, so that concludes the veggie-growing season here. I still have garlic chives, scallions, and herbs growing inside on the windowsill.

I hope things are going well in your part of the world and that you're enjoying a peaceful and pleasant day!


Vicki said...

Love the photos! It's cooling down here too with high for the rest of the week in the low 90's, and I'm loving it!

I hope you have a great week!

Shari Burke said...

Oh, wow, it's been years since I've experienced temps that hot. I hope your week is grand as well!