Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Spuds! Yum!

There was a small pot of spuds in our container garden.
We ate them tonight as part of our supper with butter and pepper. So simple and so delicious.

My inner curmudgeon had a chance to come out this afternoon as we did a couple of errands in the sun and I roasted. Bill spotted some brand new hiking sandals--the kind with closed toes--in the charity shop. I looked at them, discovered they were the right size, and took them. Bill thought I wouldn't want them because they're neon pink. I'm not a fan of neon pink, but they'll end up being less bright as I wear them. I didn't actually need new hiking sandals right now, but a new pair for two euro was worth bringing home. I can save them until my others are worn out or wear these out and set the others aside or whatever. Soon after we got home, my friends the clouds rolled in and the rain soon followed. It feels much fresher now and my inner curmudgeon is back in hibernation.

I hope your inner curmudgeon has no need to come out today 😉


Aritha said...

Mjammie! We eat them today :) With mustard.

Vicki said...

I love potatoes, they are my favorite veggie. It rained some here today. There's a hurricane headed towards us that is supposed to be here on Monday. I don't know why I live right in the path of so many hurricanes. One season we had 5, one after the other.

Shari Burke said...

Aritha--I've never tried them with mustard, but sounds good!

Shari Burke said...

Vicki--I hope Dorian doesn't do damage. It's scary to know they're coming. We're sending good thoughts for safety.