Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ironing Water, Sheep, and Reflections

We were at the grocery store and I saw this ironing water on the shelf.
 I was curious about what this is, since I am not someone who irons, even though every place we have lived since we've been here has included at least one iron and sometimes two as part of the furnishings. Anyway, I picked it up to read the ingredients, which seem to be mostly water and perfume. I was thinking about how the smell would probably be yucky and make me feel sick and that here is another unnecessary product in a plastic bottle that will end up being shipped who knows where at some point. I am pretty sure that ironing, if one must do it, can be done without this stuff.

When we were on our walk this morning, I was pleased to see that the sheep were back. They were just there one morning a couple of weeks ago and for a few days after that. Then they were gone, then back, then gone, and today they were back.

Yesterday, it was warm, but there was a lovely breeze. This morning, not so much. The water was so still, as you can see from the reflections.
Even our wee doggy friend, who comes with us on our morning walks, was hot and ready to cool off by the time we were making our way home. He and I both wilt in the sun and heat and find ourselves with a spring in our steps when it's cool--especially if there's a stiff wind.

I hope you are having a pleasant day--and that there is no ironing involved, with or without ironing water!


Vicki said...

Ironing water, really? When I did iron about 40+ years ago, I used plain tap water and it did a fine job :)

The sheep at the fence is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

That sure is some calm water! Love the photo.

I don't mind the heat as much as the humidity, which is ridiculous in Florida.

Aritha said...

I sometime use it :) Here it is called: Robijn refreshspray.

What a nice sheep photos. Love them