Thursday, December 20, 2018

Never Mind

This morning, we were trying to order a Barnes and Noble gift card online to be sent directly to someone in the US. I'd looked up the details, saw that it could be used in-store and in the café, so I suggested this as a gift. Bill thought it was a good idea, so he proceeded to the order page and began going through the steps. Then he had to slam on the brakes at obstacle #1. There had to be a sender's address and that address had to include a state. Of course, we do not have a state. It might have been possible to pick one at random, but then the address wouldn't have matched the payment details. After some attempts to find a solution, he opted to start over and try again with an e-gift card that the recipient could print out. Once again, all seemed to be going smoothly, at least for a while. He chose Paypal as the payment method and there ran into the next issue. They wanted an address again, which was fine, except that in the drop-down menu where he had to pick a country, Ireland was absent. Again, there seemed to be no way around this. Never mind. You'd think that, in this day and age, it would be a fairly common practice for international purchases of this type and a large business like that would be set up to handle such transactions smoothly. I could see it if it was a small business, but not a large corporation like that. In any case, we abandoned the idea and took a walk down to an Post, where we did a Western Union transfer. It was easy and quick--less time was spent on that than trying to do the Barnes and Noble thing.

And, as a bonus, we got to enjoy this festive decoration instead of being aggravated.
I hope there are no annoying issues cropping up as you go about your day!


Brenda said...

One would think it would be easier! That being said I have had problems sending here in US thus I stick with Amazon!!
Sending money great idea!!!

Lynne said...

I can get terribly frustrated . . .
And I “walk away” often.

My most recent frustration is trying to understand what is meant by
“Network” in my new dental insurance.
I have tried everything to find THEIR explanation.
Grrrrrrr . . . I have to have it figured out by 1-1-19
Coverage is based on in or out of network.
I would think finding out if my dentist is “in or out” would be fairly important!
Like I said, grrrrrrrrrr . . .