Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bargains for the Critters

We did what was probably the last Donegal Dash of 2018 today. Bill had some stuff to pick up at the library (one book will be read by both of us). The library will be closed after Thursday until after the new year and we certainly did not want to be messing around there on the Thursday before Christmas!

Another reason we went was to pick up some food and treats to donate as a solstice gift, on behalf of a friend, to Animals in Need. They have a charity shop near the Aldi, so we picked up some stuff in Aldi and walked over to drop it off. We discovered that all clothes and shoes were €1. First stop was the bookshelves (and boxes). I found a small vegetarian cookbook. Then I wandered over to look at the necklaces. I've gotten a few nice ones there in the past to deconstruct so I can use the beads and pendants for other projects. Today, I saw this one hanging there and snapped it up for the large circular bead. The other beads are nice, too, and will come in handy, although I'm not a huge fan of that colour.
Then on to the clothes. Bill spotted a cap with a fabric piece hanging down the back. I said I'd take it. It'll be perfect in spring and summer when I'm walking in the sun, since it's so lightweight. I found a jacket that's a little big, but I got it anyway, because it'll work perfectly over a bulky sweater. My only coat was a trench coat that's long--it came with me from Maine, where I found it in a charity shop. It's great--has a wool lining, which I have not put in since Ive been here. I don't need a winter coat, but sometimes can use a lightweight jacket in wind and rain. So now I have one. My last happy find was a man's suit jacket. I checked to see what it's made of and it's all wool, so for €1, I couldn't leave it there. I'll cut it up and use the fabric.

We handed over €4 for the lot and she put everything in a sturdy coated paper bag, complete with ribbon, that came from one of the shops on the Diamond. Wool stuff is a specialty of the shop and they sell wool suits. The suit jacket was on top and Bill commented that people will think I'm a tourist who went to Magees to buy some Christmas stuff and how wrong they would be. Indeed! I wouldn't shop at Magees, but getting some bargains and helping the critters? Yup, I'll do that!

When we were done there, we had time to pop into a shop and get a couple of scones (blueberry for Bill and raspberry chocolate chip for me) before Bill went to the library, got his stuff, and we got the bus for home. It's been a mix of 'good sunny spells' and clouds today. On the way home, I saw someone was taking advantage of a good sunny spell--their laundry was flapping in the breeze.

The birds are out today, too, and catching the wind.
I hope it's a pleasant day in your neck of the woods!


Brenda said...

Your life is good!!

Lynne said...

Recycling is a win win for each . . .
Sounds like you found some “nice goods!”