Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Few Bits to Brighten a Sad Tree

Bill had to go to the health centre yesterday to get hooked up to a blood pressure monitor, which he wears for 24 hours. It comes on every half hour (every hour for some part of the night), and takes his blood pressure. This is the only place in either the US or Ireland where they have done this regularly, but they seem to be quite a bit more proactive than any other medical professionals he has dealt with. Because of his a-fib, they want him to do this every 6 months or so. He doesn't love it, and every time they measure his BP, they tell him it's good, but I suppose if it's ever not good, we'll be glad to know, so he does it.

Yesterday, we walked up to the health centre and Bill told me to look at the sad tree in the little window. It's one of those small tabletop trees in a burlap sack. It looks like it came with lights, but most of them are burned out and only a few were lit. There was nothing else on it. I told Bill that I'd give him a few small ornaments to bring when he goes today to have the monitor removed. Because the tree is small, I chose small ornaments. There are just a few, but they'll brighten up the tree at least a little bit and it will look a wee bit more festive.

I hope your day is in no need of brightening up!


Lynne said...

Sad Bill has this a-fib issue . . .
Do hope all will be ok.
Ornaments will surely cheer up that sad tree!

Brenda said...

Hope he is ok!!
Love these ornaments!!!