Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mind in a Whirl!

A friend recently returned from a trip and brought me some thrift store goodies! My mind is whirling with possibilities! What great finds these are and what a wonderfully kind thing for her to do, using precious luggage space to bring this stuff back for me.
First, there's this lot:
The hanks are handspun merino wool and the others are also wool. The cake is blue faced leicester and the two skeins are Norwegian wool.

I cannot believe she lugged this behemoth home with her!
As you can see, it's about 7 1/2 inches across the top and is fingering/laceweight. There are thousands of yards here! And the colour is perfect for the season! I think it's a wool/acrylic or nylon blend. I am wondering if it might even be a sock yarn because based on the burn test I did, it's mostly wool, with just a bit of synthetic to leave that melted bead at the burnt end. The proportion would be right for sock yarn. I could make socks with it and I may well do. I'll be able to make lots of things to go with those socks, too. This is a cone that will go on and on and on.

Finally, there's this:
This is a little over 1200 yards of cashmere and silk!

So many possibilities! I will have such fun deciding what to make with all of this wonderful yarn even before I have the great joy that comes with the actual making! I can see many happy hours of planning, knitting and crocheting ahead of me. Bliss!

In addition to the yarn, she also brought a small twig wreath. That will be fun--I will add small seasonal decorations to it. I have some Christmas ones already that I tatted and crocheted from sewing thread. They're about the size of a euro/quarter. I will make some small cross-stitched Halloween bits, then will change to autumn leaves, then winter/Christmas and will see what comes after that. Hearts for February, Celtic knots and shamrocks for March, flowers for April and then I am not sure, but something will comes to me.

Thank you, T, for the fabulous surprise! I am one happy woman! 😁

Now I am off to make some tea and think about yarn!

I hope there are some happy surprises in your day, too!


Lynne said...

Now that was a fantastic “thrift find!”
I am looking forward to seeing your creations!
How very nice of your friend!!

Brenda said...

What a fantastic friend!!! You will make some gorgeous items!!