Sunday, September 23, 2018

Happy Autumn Socks and Stuff!

The autumnal equinox was at 2:56 this morning here. Yay! The difficult spring and summer months are behind me once again and my best time of year has begun--cooler temperatures, less daylight, more darkness, and less sun. Everyone gripes about how winter lasts forever and summer goes by in a flash, but I gripe in the opposite direction. Spring and summer feel like they will never end and I struggle every year. Autumn and winter fly by and before I know it, I am back to working at making the best of the miserable seasons. But I do not need to think about that now. I know what steps I have to take when the time comes, but now I can leave that behind for a while, relax, and enjoy the peace of the best time of year. I am sure there will be sunny days that are too warm for my taste, but the quality of the light is different now and the longer hours of darkness allow for cooling overnight, so it will not stick around.

I finished a pair of socks this afternoon. I cast these on a couple of months ago and left them on the table downstairs, picking up the needles and working some stitches here and there as the mood struck.
As always, I started with the cuff and cast on 68 stitches on size 1 (US) needles. I wanted these to be slouchy, so I alternated a few rounds of knit with a few of purl instead of doing ribbing. When I got to the heel, I switched to size 0 needles and proceeded. I did the foot on 72 stitches--knit 7, purl 2 across the top of the foot--ending with a star toe. The sock yarn was a gift from a friend and is a couple of shades of purple with brown. I love it and I still have two skeins and a couple of scrap balls left, which I have some plans for.

I put out some of my autumnal stitching to celebrate the turn of the season.
needle felted background with cross stitch and sea glass embellishment

the opposite side of the one above--two-sided to hang in a window
needle felted background with driftwood, beads, shell, sea glass, and pottery shard
needle felted leaf coaster

crocheted placemat made from scraps

crocheted placemat made from scraps
crocheted romanian cord with large beads from deconstructed charity shop bracelet and small metal pieces from a charity shop shirt
placemat from scraps--Tunisian crochet with scrap lengths of yarn woven through stitches
crocheted lace
crocheted lace
maple leaf crocheted with scraps
It always makes me smile when I put up my seasonal things after not seeing them for many months. I hope this first day of autumn brings you things to smile about, too.


NanaDiana said...

LOVE the socks. I really need to learn to knit! lol
I love fall but not the heavy winters we have here but I hunker down and stay inside when it is snowy and cold.
Have a wonderful week, Shari. xo Diana
ps- love the cross stitch and really love the piece you sent me. I still need to frame it!

Lynne said...

I am a fall winter gal as well . . .
More winter for me . . . and not one of those warm winters.
You certainly have a collection of “wizardly stitchery!”
Happy Autumn . . , Enjoy . . .

(“Wizardly Stitchery” . . . where did I find that little saying in my brain!)

Jenny said...

Your socks are awesome. I love purple and although I do not crochet, I look forward all year to when I can dig through my cozy socks each morning and choose a pair for the day. I am amazed to find someone who feels exactly about the seasons as I do. I don't hate spring and summer, but for some reason I dread them. I don't like being hot and I hate the humidity we experience here in South Carolina. Fall is so welcome even though here it does tend to be mostly hot. I love winter -- the early dark, the cold, the clothes, the opportunities to hibernate. Your fall decorations are unique and wonderful. Happy autumn! xoxo