Tuesday, September 18, 2018


In Donegal Town this morning after visiting the library, we saw that the Forget-Me-Not Gift Shop has their Halloween stuff on full display and some sidewalk decoration.

€65 for that pumpkin!

I was thinking that they should have an authentic/vintage Irish jack o'lantern in the window, since they originated out in Ireland. They were carved from turnips, not pumpkins. They're pretty creepy looking! You can see them here.

During our first Irish autumn, I was listening to a radio documentary on Halloween. Older people were wistfully talking about how it was different when they were kids. One person just cut to the chase though, and said, 'We gave Halloween to the Americans and they sold it back to us.' I guess the €65 price tag on one of those pumpkins in the window illustrates the point!

Hope it's a lovely autumn/spring day in your neck of the woods. We're expecting a storm, so the wind is gonna blow!

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Lynne said...

Mister Irish and I brought back that tradition from Ireland a few years back.
Carved several turnips and took them to an Irish Halloween gathering . . .
Mister Irish, my JACK, loved discovering the Jack’O’Lantern tradition.