Thursday, August 9, 2018

Finding Pots and Potting Plants

We headed out to the charity shop this morning on a day that has been pleasantly cool and breezy until it's roasting with the sun beating down upon my less-than-thrilled self. There were even a few sprinkles when we started out. Alas, they did not last long, but there are supposed to be more on the way. I live in hope.

As we got into town, the white of the ship really stood out against the grey sky.
Not long before this, the sun was shining brightly on the water and the sky was blue.
It's been going back and forth all day. It's quite nice when the sun isn't out.

We found what we'd been looking for at the charity shop--a plant pot that was the right size to re-pot our jade plant in. We've been checking and finding some nice pots that we've now used for other plants, but weren't having luck spotting a bigger pot until today. So, pots and plants in hand, this afternoon we went out did some potting.

I posted a while back about my aversion to pinching off bits of plants, even though I know it's good for them. I pinched off lots of coleus bits and as is my wont, I stuck some of the stems in water, where they grew roots pretty quickly. They have a new pot. I have more in the kitchen window. I might be living in a coleus forest, if this keeps up.
I have a plant upstairs (not a coleus) that I brought as a cutting in a jar when we moved from Moville. It had started life as a wee cutting with maybe 3 or 4 leaves on it and grew and grew. because of my aversion to cutting, it grew and grew and grew and grew. I finally re-potted and trimmed, putting the trimmings in water. They grew roots. I planted them. Everything grew and grew. I trimmed and kept a couple of cuttings and planted the rooted bits. We brought a dozen or so plants to the charity shop for them to sell there. We got a couple of tiny spider plants at the same charity shop and they're growing well. Bill also picked up an aloe plant there that has just a couple of stalks/leaves (not sure what they are called) on it and has been growing ever since. It got a new pot today, too.
In January, Bill picked up a couple of pieces of a Christmas cactus that had broken off from a plant. The plant was gone, but the broken segments were there on the shelf outside the shop. They would have been thrown away, so he brought them home.
They didn't do so well in the water, but a couple of segments were hanging in there, so Bill stuck them in dirt and then they were happy. We gave them a new pot today as well.
There are more new segments coming on one of the pieces that's bent towards the window--they're just not visible in the photo.

We'd like to find a philodendron to put in the living room, which does not get much light. We never see houseplants around here, though. It's possible that Aldi will have a selection of small cacti at some point. They have in the past. If they do, we will get some. We have a couple of small ceramic pots that would be perfect for them.

I took a couple of the plastic pots we had and planted some chard seeds in one and coriander in the other. Not sure how they'll do, but I already had the seeds, so no harm in trying!

I hope there are some good things growing in your part of the world today!

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Lynne said...

Love your Charity Shop finds and your ART of getting things to grow and thrive.
Great pots and things you are finding for your plantings.
Would enjoy seeing a picture of your Coleus bounty!
Happy to meet you . . .