Sunday, May 6, 2018

Wow, Is That Normal?

The other day, someone asked me if I was still 'knitting and stuff.'  'Of course,' I replied, before going on to say that I'd recently finished knitting the first sock of a pair downstairs and had another knitting project upstairs. I also have a couple of tatting projects on the go, some cross-stitch, a bit of hand sewing, a couple of scrappy crochet projects, and am working through some needle felting ideas. As I was going through the list, his eyes widened a bit and when I was done, he said, 'Wow, is that normal?' I laughed and said that it is for me. I always have various projects going in order to avoid doing the same repetitive motions all the time. Also, I would feel lost without my textiles--and I definitely would not be fit for company! It's especially important at this time of year, though, which is a big struggle for me physically and mentally, to have projects going that I can pick up and work on no matter how I am feeling. Being tired, feeling crappy to one degree or another, and taking one step at a time through the day is common, so it's important to have mindless things nearby to work on--better than just sitting there waiting for the worst of the discomfort to pass. Sometimes even that is too much, but if I can make a few stitches, I always feel at least a little bit better.

At the moment, this is making me happy.
My love of scraps is no secret and I've been doing some other things with a few bits lately. A couple of days ago, I decided to gather up my wee scrap balls and start making some granny hexagons. The multi-coloured (pink/blue/purple in the centre of the photo) one in the bottom photo is the centre and I am joining as I go. I was enjoying myself, so I collected a few more scrap balls and made some more. Yesterday I gathered most of the rest, filled a bag with them, and have been happily crocheting these one-round granny hexagons, working around from the centre out, like a grandmother's garden quilt block. I do a round and then weave in ends before starting the next round. I'm calling it Hexagranny's Garden (a nod to the quilt block and the crocheted granny square) and while I have no idea what it will end up being yet, it makes me smile, so I'll keep adding hexies until the smile is gone and I'll see what I have at that point. Bill suggested it would look nice hung on the door, which it would! It could also be a wall hanging, a table mat, a rug, or, depending on how big it gets, a blanket.

I hope that your days are filled with little things that make you smile, too!

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