Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mitt Obsessed

The other day, the postman delivered a parcel from our daughter. Among other things, it contained some magazines, including special 'deluxe' holiday editions of Crochet World and Interweave Knits. I've had some lovely quiet moments sitting in bed with chocolate and beautiful music, looking through these magazines. In the process, I have acquired a head full of ideas, an eagerness to make lots of things RIGHT NOW and what seems to be a small obsession with some fingerless mitts that appear in the crochet magazine.

I wove in the ends on this pair this morning.
I made a slight change on these at the top of these, making it a straight and somewhat tighter edge than what the pattern has, as pictured below in the first pair I made.
It's not my pattern, so I can't share it here, but it's an easy construction, starting with foundation clusters at the bottom. That forms a strip, which you then crochet across before joining and working in turned rounds until the cuff is as long as you want it. Then there are a couple of increase rounds and then you skip those and work around--the skipped stitches form the thumb hole. The one change I made to the pattern in the first pair I made was to add a double crochet stitch to fill in a gap left when skipping those stitches. Otherwise, it's a great pattern--quick, easy and a good construction method that's easily adaptable. Each mitt took me about an hour to make. It'd be a great project to make with small scrap balls of various yarns joined together. They fit well and are quite comfortable. It's easy enough to change the sizes of these by changing the stitch count or it could be done the way they do it in the magazine, which is to just use thinner yarn and smaller hook for smaller sizes and increasing the yarn thickness and the hook size to make bigger ones.

I made the bottom pair first using some leftovers from a previous project--off white and dark brown laceweight wool held together and a 6 mm (US size J) hook. The second (top) pair was made using the same hook and a skein of Noro Janome (a silk/wool blend). For that pair, I added a couple of rounds and did a simple single crochet round to end, rather than having the clusters. I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn, but I made it with a wee ball left to spare.

There are several other projects in the magazines that I am thinking about. Some will be new-to-me techniques. Some will be starting points for me to use to go off in my own direction. Some will be made larger by using different yarns than called for. Some will be made into some other thing entirely. Now I just need some more time.  😵

I hope you're having some happy quiet moments of inspiration, too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I often have difficulty sleeping thru the night, so I am taking this opportunity to browse thru your older posts. These mitts are so lovely. It is difficult to say which I like best! How nice to receive the magazines from your daughter.