Saturday, October 28, 2017

Colourful New Bag

A friend returned from a trip the other day and gave me a skein of funky, bright, chunky yarn. As it happened, I'd been thinking for a while about making myself a bag that was just big enough to fit a few things that I almost always have with me when I leave the house. I'd been having ideas here and there but hadn't settled on anything. Then I got this skein of yarn and it told me it wanted to be the bag, so I started that very night. Because the colours take centre stage, it needed to be done in a very simple stitch. Tunisian crochet can be great for bags because it can be quite dense and with little stretch. Tunisian simple stitch was perfect for this project.
Using this chunky yarn, I chained 23 with a size K (6.5mm) Tunisian crochet hook and did 25 rows of simple stitch. To bind off, I did slip stitches across the last row, inserting my hook and pulling up a loop in between the stitches. This created small eyelets. I made another rectangle the same way, then slip stitched them together. I made a chain as long as I wanted to strap to be, slip stitched in each chain, then turned and slip stitched again in in each stitch. Hid all the ends, chained 123 for the drawstring and wove that through the eyelets. Simple stitch, simple construction, and the colour really stands out! This was a fun little project and now I have a bag that will get lots of use--thanks, Karen 😊🌈