Thursday, October 26, 2017

Christmasy Bits

I've been having fun with needles and hooks of all kinds lately, working on various projects and trying out ideas. Included in the mix have been a few Christmasy bits.

I just finished this one a few minutes ago.
I needle felted a few pieces this afternoon with the intention of embellishing them. I tried a few things with this one while I was felting and liked none of them, so I decided to set it aside and see about adding sea glass later. As I was going through the jars of sea glass, I came across this piece and saw a potential Christmas tree. I went into the bag of yarn snips in my needle felting box, found a length of brown and felted it in before sewing the sea glass on. It's about 2 1/2 inches across.

The other night I decided it was finally time to do something with the large roundish piece of white sea glass that had been sitting on my bedside locker for a couple of months while I waited for inspiration to strike. I'd gotten as far as knowing that I'd use red and green, but no further. I grabbed my thread and my pouch of crochet hooks and started crocheting. I did a bit of frogging and restarting, mostly to make things more simple.

I have a few more felted pieces to embellish and my plan is to do some of that tonight. Or I might work on the bag I started last night. Maybe I'll do a little bit of both!

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