Monday, September 11, 2017

Hat by Request

The other day, Bill asked if he could have another hat just like the one he was wearing, but in a different colour. I think he was pretty sure his request would be enthusiastically granted and he was right. 😁 He chose his yarn and I started crocheting. I finished this afternoon.

Here is a close-up of the outside (the colour is off on this--the actual colour is what you see above).
I love this fabric--it's so squishy! I've used this stitch  (hdc worked in the round through the very back loop) many times for hats and other things but today as I was weaving in the ends, I noticed the back side of the fabric in a way I hadn't before. Maybe it was the yarn that made me stop and admire it. I quite like it. The pebbly texture is a nice contrast to the smoothness of the other side.

So Bill has his new hat and I will get back to my larger ongoing projects. It's cooled off a wee bit now, so I can work on a couple of them that will sit on my lap. It'd be good to finish a few of the ongoing projects before starting a new one, but we'll see how it goes. I have been feeling a bit creatively restless lately and moving from thing to thing. Ah well, a few stitches here and a few stitches there and eventually it'll all get finished!

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