Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Twists and Turns

This morning I crocheted pieces together and finished a bag for a friend. I'd been working on it for a couple of weeks.
It was the perfect project for the time--not too complicated, but requiring just enough attention to distract me from the pain and discomfort I was experiencing after my fall. And as a bonus, now Karen has a handy bag to carry her stuff in when she goes walking or to sit on her bench on the edge of the green.

I had an idea of how I wanted to construct it, so I grabbed my Aran stitch dictionary and picked a cable for the front and back of the bag. Then I found a narrow one in a coordinating shape for the sides/strap. When all the pieces were done, I crocheted them together and did a border, keeping the curvy shape at the top. She wanted a drawstring, so I made a chain and wove it through the spaces.

I used worsted weight kitchen cotton and 4.5mm knitting needles for the main parts and a 5mm (H) crochet hook for the borders and to crochet pieces together.

Now to consider what I might begin next!

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