Saturday, June 17, 2017

That's Supper Sorted

The other day when I was at the garden, I picked some chard. We used to eat a lot of chard when we were part of a CSA farm in Maine. I have not seen it here, except for baby chard in bagged salad, so when we decided to have a garden, chard was one of the things we decided to plant. We could not find any seeds locally, but our friend, Karen, sent us some. It seems to like this climate and is growing well.

As I was thinking about how to use it, I remembered a rice bake thing that I used to make fairly often in Maine. It's one of those things--like almost everything else I cook--that is different every time I make it, depending on what I have around. It almost always had chard in it, though.
This time I cooked 1 1/2 cups of brown rice and dumped it in a bowl. To the rice, I added some cheddar cheese, some honey-mustard smoked mackerel (in the past I have made this with various sorts of fish, or sausages, or vegetarian) and a mix of veggies sauteed in olive oil.
The veggies were: chopped onion, a bit of sweet red pepper left from the pizza I made last night, broccoli, a bit of spinach, and the chard. I added some granulated garlic, oregano, and crushed chilli flakes, stirred everything together and then poured in 4 extra large eggs, beaten with a little milk. Once everything was well mixed, I dumped it into two foil pans that I'd buttered using one of the butter wrappers I'd saved for this purpose. The foil pans came home with us because sometimes, when we buy boneless, skinless chicken breast, they come wrapped in those pans. I wash them well and reuse them.

I baked these in a 180C fan oven for about half an hour. We had some with fruit on the side tonight and will have the same again tomorrow night. Looks like there will be enough for a breakfast or lunch on Monday, too. Yay!

I am happy to report that the shower is working again and much better than it has since we got here. The Shower Man called Thursday afternoon to say he was in a neighbouring town and had finished earlier than expected, so he could come and have a look at our shower. He came and repaired it, all the while explaining to us what the problem was, showing us how the shower works and what the various parts in the wall unit do, what the quirks of that particular model are, and how we could work around them to make it work better. he was great. We were impressed and I emailed the company to tell them so. Last night, as I was scrolling through my Facebook page, I came across a post from the company, which was a copy and paste of my email. The guy commented that it's nice to be appreciated. Isn't that true of all of us?!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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